The mission of The Lori Fund is to support
the Special Operations Warrior Foundation,
along with other veteran groups who
have sacrificed so much for our country.

Friends of The Lori Fund


Corporate Sponsors

Springboard Manufacturing- South Bend, Indiana

Avitar Associates of New England

Discovery World Furniture-Sanford Florida

Dave Hause and Firehouse Subs of Flagler and Volusia

Carter Allen and Med One - Sandy, Utah

Sugie Riley and McDonalds

Windsor Jeweler's- Winston-Salem, North Carolina



Founding Members

Amy and Brian Flynn                            

Dawn and Michael Borso

Shirlene and Michael Bungo                 

Patricia and James Kean   

Sue and Mike Kean                                 

Margrit and Tom Salcito

Lynda and Edward Samuels

Diane Sullivan

Daniel Sullivan

John L. Sullivan

Lori's Children (Paige, Bert, Marissa and Kaitlyn)

Margaret and James Jubb                     

Sara and Todd Stewart

Gayle and Rory Burke

Becki and Rich Furbee

Anita and John Mitchell

Marianne and Dan Weyen

Jennifer and Douglas Constable

Sue and Tony Tremblay

Terry and Scott Miller                            

Terry and Gary Roberge             

Katie and Ken Wolbeck

Claire and Steven Whittier

Greta and Steven St. Germain

Gary and Susan Burt

Frankie Petruno

David Hause

Sam Elias

John and Julie Demers


Supporting Members of the Lori Fund

Stacey and Rob Effner

Pam and Kevin Appleton

Jan and Roger Arnold

Susan and Philip Catullo

Rhonda and Larry Kifer

Joe Nicaforo

David Mills

Samuel Elias

Laurie and Chauncey Holden

Southern States Management

Dave Tewksbury

Glen and Terri Shirley

Gary and Bernadette Walsh

Ty and Chrissie Capps

Julie and John Demers

John and Cindy Frank-Key Alliance Staffing and Solutions- Farmington, Connecticut

Coldwell Bankers- Dave Franklin

Flagler Dental of Palm Coast

Palm Coast Ford

RCM Solutions- Bowie, Maryland

The Ledges Crew- York Maine

Maxtec-Salt Lake City, Utah

Hammock Beach Resort- Palm Coast Florida

Friends of Flaherty-Ferguson Open

Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating

Triad Mechanical of Palm Coast

Optimal Outcome Solutions Group- Ron Foudray


Friends of the Lori Fund

Brian Malik          

Kelly and John Kelly           

Connie Baker       

Cheryl and Steve Carruthers

Mike DiMeo            

Staci and Ron Martin  

Rich and Kathy McArdle

Noelle and Peter O'Neill   

Michael Sullivan  

Penny and Dave Grzyb   

Doris Earl

Matt Moran  

Troy Burke     

Katie Vermilye   

Ruthann Goguen  

Judy and Michael Luecht

Theresa and Robert Stoffel              

Susan and Richard Sopek      

Bonnie and John Bolton

Valentia and Igor Lukashevich  

Beth and James Randazzo  

Tortugas Care Foundation

Sharon Cunningham          

Joanne and Tom DeMarco     

Beth and Ron Kelly     

Bill Welch

Julie Wirth           

Richard Sebion    

Sue and Ned Sedlack         

Russ Shipman

Mark Krueger      

Scott Coyne         

James Erskine      

Paulette Calieri   

Joseph Lopresti

Kevin Riley           

Steve Barry          

James Greenhalgh                 

Scott Jackson    

Bobby Wallo

Donna and Paul Segal  

Teresa and John Burk             

Barbara Kulpchak               

Marilee Racoblado

John Sutton         

Diane Esposito    

Kim and Mike Haynes   

Linda Head  

Brian Newman

Lori and Darrel Newsone 

Dave and Robin Rosenburg   

Leatherman Family Trust

Cynthia Sher   

Mary and Tony Ventura  

Linda and Dan Furbush  

Barbara and Dan Parker

Catherine Ceci   

Arlene and David Nebbia   

Cathy and John Warner   

Erin and Jason Zika

Lois Bowan   

Frank Labuski   

Richard Newhall  

Jim Owens      

Brian Alati      

Kimberly Ricchio

Jeff Keicher  

Patti and Tim Hickey   

Kristin and Tom Allan  

Madeline Kinney  

Kay Owens

Guari and Shinoo Waningankar  

Sally and Bill Kistler  

Melanie Boseo  

Todd Prescott

Steve Williams  

Sandra and Michael Ray  

Sandra and Raymond Hardy

Jane and Peter Grosso    

Johnathan Lizotte  

Tony Finenco

Stajo Construction Inc - Stan Rosenbaum     

Brian and Cookie Tack